Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Please Go Vote Today and Winner Chosen (UPDATED Blog Post)

Good Evening,

I asking everyone to please vote today especially if you live in Michigan. Today, Michigan will receive a new Governor and I think it will make or break our current economic crisis  in our state. By the way, I was the #120 person who voted this morning at my precinct and my husband was #119.

On to the winner, I am stuck in doors with a bad head cold and a sick 21 month old. So I decided to do the random generator to pull the winner for the blog candy. I greatly appreciated all the comments, advice, and those who followed my blog. Anyway, Since there were 11 people who commented, I just numbered in order of the comments. The winner is.....

*** I'm sorry this is my first time using this thing. I double checked on the website too. The max was set at 11. Everytime I copy the table, it still reports 100 at the maximum. I hope this do not create any issues. 
True Random Number Generator  1Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Please send me an email at with all your information. Once again, thank you.


  1. Congrats to number 1! Wishing you all the best, hope you'll feel all better soon!
    Hugs, Wendy